Maternity | Molina

Molina is a dear friend who I do not see often but whom I admire and respect tremendously. There is something inspiring and special about her calm and peaceful disposition. Even when faced with major challenges I have never seen her exhaserbated. At 38 weeks pregnant Molina carried herself with a grounded and graceful presence during our photo shoot that I never quite mastered while pregnant. Gracias Molina for being so wonderful. I wish you a safe and healthy birthing experience and I can’t wait to meet your second bambino!




A Day of Creativity

As a birthday present my sister and brother-in-law gifted me with what I thought was going to be a day-long meditation retreat so I brought along my pillow, bell, and blanket. Instead, I was surprised with a day-long class of accordion book-binding at Castle in the Air and a scrumptious Mexican lunch at Tacubaya in Berkeley. The art project was not only inspiring from a creative sense (we choose the paper, embellishments, photos, etc. and assembled everything) but it also allowed me to reflect upon my ancestors while spending quality time with my sister. Here is a photo of some of the book’s elements, my final piece, and our fabulous and very patient teacher, Elisabeth. Thanks Coco and David for a very special birthday gift and wonderful day!