Architecture | Winter Highlight III

Well situated in El Cerrito, this lovely Mediterranean style house has high living room ceilings and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Its expansive backyard is a gardener’s delight. For more information visit Marvin Gardens.

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WEB_WM_5407 MacDonald_21_9941
WEB_WM_5407 MacDonald_19_9929


WEB_WM_5407 MacDonald_25_9813


WEB_WM_5407 MacDonald_35_9957_9960

Architecture | Winter Highlight II

This charming MacGregor style house features Mediterranean inspired colors and design features. The expansive sunny backyard includes a beautiful detached art studio. For more information about this real estate listing visit Marvin Gardens.


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WEB_WM_12 Pomona_7_9092


WEB_WM_12 Pomona_10_9104


WEB_WM_12 Pomona_29_9172


WEB_WM_12 Pomona_35_9256_9258