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As a child I regularly looked through my parents monthly National Geographic subscription fantasizing that I would grow up to be a photographer who captured scenes of magnificent places around the world. Indeed, as a teenager and young adult I became the unofficial group photographer, as I adventured through the Chilean Patagonia, the Brazilian Amazon, the Costa Rican Rainforest, the Philippine coral reefs, and the Nepali Himalayas. Wherever I went, my camera was as essential an item in my backpack as my toothbrush.


My passion for the environment developed into a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara and a M.A. from Brown University, both in Environmental Studies. Professionally, I have worked in the field of conservation and marketing. My bi-cultural background and native Spanish speaking skills have allowed me to engage a broad range of people through my work and travel.

Green photography combines the best of my passions-I relish moments where people interact with their natural surroundings and loved ones, whether it is relaxing inside their homes, playing in their favorite park, or dancing underneath a starry night sky at their wedding. And  so I bring a twist of green wherever I go.

My photography style is modern, crisp, and playful. My approach to a photo session is to  create a relaxed and natural atmosphere for my clients. Not everyone likes to smile and look   at the camera, but with a little fun, I help everyone to enjoy themselves.  I have found that  when people are wearing the clothes they feel comfortable in, are in a space that they enjoy, and are surrounded by playful energy, everyone thrives and has a good time. Before a photo shoot I spend time talking with my client about location options, clothing, and the combi-nation of formal/candid shots. I want my clients to be a part of the planning process so that they are pleased with the final product.